William (“Bill”) Remak serves as chair of the Honorary Board of Advisors of the National Committee to Draft Oprah Winfrey for President of the United States 2020. He has spent his entire career as an advocate for the underserved and for those with chronic disease or injury. He is widely recognized for his advocacy on these fronts.

With a background in medical research and public policy, he has used his personal experience with chronic illness to effectively organize patients, patient advocates, and others into powerful voices for innovation and policy change. His efforts have driven policy reform that has improved access, health care delivery, and quality of life for patients. His own journey with diabetes, hepatitis C (“HCV”), cirrhosis, liver cancer (“HCC”), and two liver transplants has given him significant firsthand experience with the many ways that government policy affects people’s lives and health.

Bill’s professional experience in the corporate and nonprofit worlds has shaped his solutions-oriented approach to problems at all levels of the health care system. He has created networks that include people in research, academia, pharma, biotech, public benefit agencies, government, and private individuals and investors. His recent focus has been on compiling evidence-based health data as a major resource to boost funding and drive research toward a healthier future for all.

Bill plays a prominent role in the liver disease advocacy community as founder and CEO of the California Hepatitis C Task Force and current Chairman of the International Association of Hepatitis Task Forces, (formerly the National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces), among other notable positions on the forefront of hepatitis C policy advocacy. He has been recognized for his accomplishments in this area as the recipient of the 2013 and 2016 National Health Pioneer Award for Hepatitis Advocacy from the Georgia Doty HIV and Hepatitis Outreach Foundation, Chicago.

He is also a founding board member of the FAIR Foundation, a national research advocacy organization seeking reforms in the nation’s organ transplant and NIH research policies and is a founding board member of the California Chronic Care Coalition and board member of the Chronic Care Policy Alliance. Bill additionally serves as a designated ambassador for the Americans for Cures Foundation.

On the humanitarian front, Bill has served as board chairman and president of Impact House, a
transitional housing nonprofit agency serving people in recovery and the homeless in Merced, CA.

Among his roles professionally, he is a medical technologist, journalist and former faculty member of the University of California, San Francisco. He has written numerous articles and is a sought after national speaker on patient advocacy issues and healthcare innovation. In addition, Bill has 32 years of dedicated service with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, including five years as a Diversity Staff Officer and several years as past Vice-Flotilla Commander in his local flotilla.

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